self portrait
Donald D. Groff, an editor & longtime travel-advice columnist who also shoots, is based in Narberth, PA, USA.
All photos ©2007-11, All rights reserved.

A new photo is added every couple of days or so. Thanks for checking in.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 suzanne ackermann

    I love these shots and as a storyteller especially the warm witty observations that go with them. How can I send this to all my friends and family to get them started looking here. I tried https://groffoto.wordpress.com but it does not take me directly into that space. Please help.

  2. Hi Don. Nicely done here!

    This is the only entry I see for RSS feed though. Is there a way to RSS feed your main page so I know when you’ve published something new?


    All the best,
    Wendy (Suzanne’s Wendy)

  3. 3 groffoto

    Thanks for your enthusiasm — that https://groffoto.wordpress.com should go straight to the site. lemme know if it doesn’t work for you.

    And for an RSS feed, have your RSS reader check https://groffoto.wordpress.com/feed

    that keeps track of each time I add a photo, which is once every day or two. Thanks for checking in regularly, and let me know if you run into problems. best, Don

  4. Very nice job, Don… you have both a good eye and great technical skills. We should go on a photo shoot one day…it’s something I started doing (photo walks, I mean) last year with some friends…

  5. Very nice, Don! As always, you have a great touch with the words as well as the photos.

    You should come shoot some of our Philadelphia gardens sometime…. check them out at http://www.greaterphiladelphiagardens.org ….it would be interesting to see them shot through your eye.

  6. 6 kephartblog


    My friend Leslie Swinney Kase directed me to your site, and your images are gorgeous. A real pleasure to take a stroll through, and such a fabulous ballroom dancing shot. What a show those kids put on! You captured the moments exquisitely.


    Beth KEphart

  7. 7 Joachim

    the photos are really extraordinary good, in my eyes they are mor than observations. They give a look in the hearts of us humans.

  8. Don,
    I have always enjoyed your writing. I was not aware of your photography, but really enjoy seeing the way you captured so many nice images on Goffoto!

    I look forward to checking it out with regularity.


  9. Don Groff,

    I know you best through the slide shows you do for Narberth, PA. Quite simply, you’re the best! I look forward to looking back through the years and watching our daughter Annabelle grow through the perspective of your lens. One of your photos is worth ten thousand of mine.

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