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Pandemic phever


For the second year in row, the Phillies are going to the World Series — adding a distinct spicy aroma to autumn in Narberth and other burghs in the Philadelphia region. Game 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 28.

So let’s say your team is losing 9-2 late in the game — how to salvage your afternoon fun? If you’re in Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, you can hope that the camera guy comes your way and you get a chance to take part in bongo cam, in which a pair of bongos is superimposed […]



A Phillies family beams  after mom snagged a foul ball that landed in a corner of the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park late in the game on Sunday, July 26, 2009. The Phillies handily defeated the Cardinals, and the take-home baseball was icing on the cake.

A Philadelphia Phillies fan takes a genteel approach to the high heat of Sunday afternoon’s parching sun. The St. Louis Cardinals were less serene, melting under the heat of the home team’s bats, which produced four two-run homers before leaving the score at 9-2.

Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino (center) leaves the field surrounded by adoration on July 8, moments after hitting a single in the bottom of the ninth inning that drove in a game-winning run against the Cincinnati Reds. Next day, public voting for the league’s All-Star team came to an end and Victorino won a […]

A team of three — or three teams of one — conducts the final drills of spring training on Saturday, the day before the first day of summer, in the street league of Narberth, Pa. The trio rotated positions regularly and called a ground-rule time-out whenever cars rolled through the playing field.

A slightly larger-than-life baseball player stands poised for the big swing at The Point Barn near Danville, Pa.  His face has a hint of Howdy Doody, but I haven’t been able to identify him through the number on his uniform — No. 25.  Any ideas?

Bryan Callahan of Indian Rocks, Fla., finishes up a brew in the berm section of Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla., after the game Thursday, March 5, between the Philadelphia Phillies and Team USA. Callahan, age 34, said he has been a Phillies fan for all of his 34 years, and works at the Buffalo […]

The Phillies won the World Series on Oct. 29, 2008, and within a day or two, team paraphernalia began showing up at headstones in cemeteries around the area. Friends and relatives of deceased Phillies fans, knowing the baseball agonies they’d suffered in life, offered mementos in the hopes that their Phillies spirit could, at last, […]

Center City Philadelphia was one big party on Friday in the hours before, during and after a parade celebrating the Phillies’ success two days earlier in the World Series of Baseball. Robert Indiana’s sculpture in LOVE park proved the perfect platform for expressing the joy of a baseball championship that had eluded the city since […]